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ZONE Controlled drying for heat sensitive materials


From 20 C - 150 C (68 - 302f) Our low temperature dryers are a revolution in the drying field. Each drum incorporates 4 drying zones that can be set to individual temperatures independent of each other. This lends itself to perfect environment  for delicate heat sensitive materials. Want more drying capacity? No problem we can link multiple drums for maximum output!

Hops, hemp, catnip etc. Plants that have heat sensitive oils and terpines can be damaged in traditional drum dryers and fluid bed systems. Our multi zone dryer is the perfect answer at half the cost of the traditional systems. Call us for more details. 

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Our revolutionary low temperature dryer comes with many benefits:

  • Multi fuel available
  • Various sizes to fit your application
  • Touch screen easy to use control system with WIFI enabled trouble shooting
  • Full install and training included!
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 24 month warranty

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our unique 4 zone dryer offer maximum efficiency and safe guards your product from high heat damage

new for 2019! multi zone low level drying

4 Zone drying capabilities

Full control over each drying zone, manual or automatic mode included

Variable Speed Drum

Operator has full control over the drum speed.

Large capacity

Our Industrial equipment hemp dryer, hops dryer etc. has a 30 m3 capacity per drum which equates to 1.5 - 2 tonne per hour of drying based on chopped hemp. Possible capacity up to 3.5 tonnes per drum.

Need more capacity? Add an additional drum or two for extra drying capacity in a compact and easy to operate unit. The best solution for low temperature drying with 100% guarantees and free install!