High moisture manure, digest, fertilizer drying

Manure? Digest? Fertilizer? No problem! 80% moisture to 10% and under!

Bulk feed system for wet material

We offer turn key feeding solutions for wet material handling including sweep augers and pre-dryer moisture presses.

Turn wet material into profit

Our dryers allow you to make profit from material that was previously considered waste. Many materials can be processed further into other forms such as pellets.

Custom lengths of drum

We can build any size drum needed to get the job done right. Our high moisture drums start at 20 ft (6 meters).


large or small capacity we have the drying system that works for you from 500kg per hour to many tonnes.

Corrosion resistant metals

We offer solutions for high nitrogen content in digest and manures that would destroy other drying systems.  Our systems are built with non corrosive metal in key areas where needed and can include alkali wash systems too. We build industrial equipment for industrial workloads.

Heat sources

For efficient drying we offer gas, propane, fuel oil or biomass drying systems for all our drying range.

Peace of mind, quality systems

Safe and certified!

All our systems come with peace of mind in the quality and control of the unit. We offer a 24 month warranty and guaranteed production rates at a price that makes sense!

Our control panels work both in manual and automatic mode and allow for peace of mind with in built wifi systems that allow our technicians access for troubleshooting and program upgrades.

All our electrical panels and motors come with the relevant safety certification for the country that it will be operated in.

USA/Canada : UL and CSA

Europe/Australia: CE

Our systems are quality built and with our free installation and training service you have full peace of mind from day 1!

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